BARQ bassist Neil Dorrington reveals what makes his food-self tick ahead of their final gig as part of the hugely popular Smithwick’s Soundtrack Series in The Opium Rooms tonight (Nov 2nd 2017). Don’t miss your chance to see one of ‘Ireland’s best new bands’ play the classic Pulp Fiction soundtrack. Chance to win a pair of tickets to the show at the footer of article! 

My first food memory?

Eating sausages for the first time at age 2 or 3 and thinking I’d found my calling in life. It got a bit intense. My parents had to start chopping up other foods and tell me it was chopped sausages to get me to eat it.

Best local area for restaurants?

I’ll go with the Camden Street area, as in from Boojum on Kevin St up as far as Veginity at Portobello. There are so many different types of food on the go, everything from street food to fine dining. My faves are Bunsen for burgers, Boojum for burritos, Camden Rotisserie for wings, and Jerusalem or Veginity for plant based foods. A recent addition to the list is Hang Dai for Asian – the braized duck hearts are superb!

Most recent enjoyable dining experience?

Has to be in NYC with my girlfriend Mary when we went to Nobu in Tribeca. BAKED. ALASKAN. COD…….I needn’t say anymore. The hype about the place is real.

Most visited restaurant?

Aoki, South Richmond Street, D2. I love sushi. I eat out a lot as a musician about town, and Aoki’s sushi is delicious and pretty well priced. Their cha-han is pretty wicked too!

mithwick’s Soundtrack Series-my food- BARQ-Pulp fiction

Launch of Smithwick’s Soundtrack Series, BARQ, as they celebrate their favourite movie soundtrack Pulp Fiction 

Favourite celebrity chef?

Jamie Oliver is great for learning tricks in the kitchen. His recipes are always pretty easy to follow for a layman like myself.

Favourite Food TV programme?

I was recently put wide to tutorials for vegan stuff by John Joseph (Cro Mags) on Munchies/Vice. He’s gas. Also, Chef’s Table on Netflix for cinematic food porn.


The restaurant I would recommend to a visitor to your home city/town?

It depends what they’re looking for, but to pick one I’d base it on a current favourite, and I’d say that’s Hang Dai at the minute. Or maybe I’d just send them to Eatyard for Arepas and an auld vegan cod.

Restaurant/café hidden gem?

Dockyard No.8, Bray. I recently moved to Bray with my better half and we frequent the place on Saturdays. Their breakfast salad is unreal – get the coleslaw!

The food I dislike the most?

I used to be a really picky eater when I was young, definitely not the case anymore. Only stuff I can’t really get my taste buds around is some seafood and shellfish.

Favourite for weekend brunch?

I’ll have to say Dockyard No.8 again. Eggs benedict FTW for the brunch order.

mithwick’s Soundtrack Series-my food- BARQ-Pulp fiction

BARQ preforming at the Smithwick’s Soundtrack Series Launch

Favourite healthy meal?

When cooking at home I tend to keep it pretty healthy, gluten free and basic at the moment. I try to keep my gluten intake down as much as I can so that I can eat/drink more of it when I’m out. It irritates the stomach if I have too much. Current preferred dish is gluten free soy fried diced chicken, peppers, scallion, spinach and oregano. I just put some boiled rice on the side. Breakfast would be a couple of poached eggs on a mountain of boiled kale and half an avocado.

My guilty pleasure?

Mega boxes, not afraid to say it. Bit of a sucker for them.

The meal I make to impress my friends?

I’d poach an egg. Everyone that sees me do it seems to be amazed. Does no one know how to do a poached egg anymore?! I also make good desserts, I do a mean pavlova. I also make Christmas mince pies every year from scratch, they’re pretty tasty if I must say so myself.

strong roots kale quinoa burgers sweet potato avocado vegan

Favourite food brand?

Strong Roots. Love their sweet potato fries and quinoa burgers! I only found out recently they’re a Dublin brand, even better! Whole Earth as well – love their cola.

If I owned a restaurant I would name it?

‘Neilos’. What I’d serve is undetermined though, I like so much food it’d be hard to pick one type…so can I serve everything? Plant based food would be a strong part of it I guess. My GF eats pretty much all plant based, so I find myself eating that way more and more. I went to a place in Brooklyn recently called Champs that was like an Eddie Rockets style joint but all plant based, the burgers were great. Does Dublin have space and a need for that?…..We’d also have to have class cocktails and a top beer

As part of Smithwick’s Soundtrack Series, BARQ will perform a rendition of the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, drawing on the soundtrack’s complexities and reinterpreting their classic arrangements. BARQ will be supported by Nialler9 and tickets to Smithwick’s Soundtrack Series are priced at €15.00, which includes booking fee and a free pint of Smithwick’s (Smithwick’s Blonde, Pale or Red Ale). Tickets are available from Smithwick’s eventbrite, and can be purchased here.

Win a pair of tickets to tonight’s show by reviewing your most recently visited restaurant. Click here to enter. 




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