The future of fast food is vegan

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According to Forbes magazine: In August, the former Burger King restaurant in Encinitas, California, was taken over by another company which continued to serve burgers, fries and shakes via the drive-thru window. There was one major difference though: the items on the menu are all vegan.

Plant Power Fast Food moved into the premises previously occupied by the fast-food giant to open its second location after the successful launch of its flagship store in Ocean Beach, San Diego, just 18 months earlier in January, 2016.

Founders Jeffrey Harris, Zach Vouga and Mitch Wallis started Plant Power Fast Food to combat the impact that the consumption of animal products has had on the health of millions of Americans by providing a plant-based fast-food alternative. “The fast-food industry has successfully answered a need by providing a convenient way to get our meals on the go while at the same time delivering a consistent taste experience. The downside is that, by and large, this type of food isn’t very good for you,” says Harris. “Our goal has been to inspire people to begin to ask themselves some important questions about where our food comes from and perhaps to begin to think differently about their choices. But we’re not doing it in a way that’s preachy or confrontational.”


The company has been a roaring success and in less than 12 months they have far exceeded their year one projections. The funny thing is that it’s not not vegans or vegetarians who are responsible for the company’s success. According to Harris, the vast majority of customers are “omnivores who want to try something new”.

So there you have it people, the future of fast food is not necessarily healthier but instead vegified. Let us know what you think of this trend and whether it’ll reach us across the pond.hamburger_1f3541f955BroccoliEmoji



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